If Kids' Ministry is on your heart, now is a great time to join the Kids' Ministry Team. We are deciding how to minister in this season and launching the new team soon, so please contact me THIS WEEK if you are feeling led to join this ministry.  It is a ministry that is fun, creative, loud, and deeply impactful.   Email or text 360-490-7252 for an application.


A NOTE ABOUT MINISTERING IN THIS COVID SEASON. There are so many contingencies right now. I want to love the volunteers AND  kids well. You won’t be asked to minister outside the parameters of your own level of exposure to covid. 

  • This could be a time to forge ahead with things the church has always done. If you are willing to serve IN PERSON, then let’s utilize you.  

  • This could be opportunity to “break the mold and start something new.” If you can and are willing to serve VIRTUALLY but not IN PERSON, or OUTDOORS ONLY, those are valid and viable options that we can work with.  


THERE ARE NEW POSSIBILITIES FOR SMALLER-GROUP DISCIPLESHIP. Since we can’t do LARGE GROUPS at present (we are currently permitted groups of 10 or less), this year affords a NUMBER OF POSSIBILITIES for small-group discipleship.  If there is something on your heart that you would like to do with a handful of kids (8 or less) I would love to help you realize that. There are so many possibilities: 

  • It could be a SERVING CLUB (raking yards for elderly people), A MODEL-BUILDING CLUB, HOMEWORK HELP, A BOOK/MOVIE/GAME CLUB, A PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB, A FIELD-TRIP CLUB, A HIKING CLUB, ARTS & CRAFTS CLASSES, ACTING CLASSES (Think video-Christmas pageant!)…WHATEVER, as long as there is a spiritual component. 

  • It could be on Zoom, in person, or outdoors.  

  • It could be short-term (1-2 sessions/1 month) or longer (through Christmas or through June).  


Thanks so much for your prayers and your vision for discipling kids!


Anne-Marie Nakhla

Director of Children’s Ministries

Shelton First Baptist Church