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One of the best online resources - watch summaries of each book of the Bible; or dive deep into classes



Kids Church

Saddleback Kids Church 

(Ages 5-8)

Nicely illustrated Bible stories.

Also on Youtube here

Check out the Who Is He Series &

God Sends the Holy Spirit.

Life.Church Online

Kids church for every level. Pre-K through Grade 12.

Kids Corner

(Ages 5-8)

This site  has Short Bible stories with a good parent discussion guide, printable worksheets.

There are many ways to encourage your family in the faith.  What will work for one person won't necessarily work for another. But it is important to regularly do something with your kids to encourage their growth. And guess get to grow too! 

Anne-Marie Nakhla

Director of Families

Shelton FBC




The Bible Project

(Ages 9-12)

This site has Bible Stories, but also 5-minute videos that talk about subjects like Messiah, holiness, sin, and the Holy Spirit. There are also summaries of every book in the Bible. Challenge your older elementary students to learn more about their faith.  Youtube 





Heroes of the Faith

(Ages 6-12)

Learn about our rich legacy of faith. Missionaries, martyrs, people who were committed to Christ and who changed the world. Some are sad, but all are inspiring.

You can watch on Youtube

or purchase DVDs.

Kids Bibles

There are many great options. Here are a few favorites.


The Jesus Storybook Bible 

(Ages 3-8)

This has great illustrations, and it  weaves the story of redemption through Bible Stories. 

Good & Evil.webp

Good & Evil

(Ages 7-12)

The Story of the Bible told in comic book form, this version draws a connecting thread through the whole Word.


The Kingstone Series - The Life of Christ

(Ages 6-12)

Read the Bible in a series of small comic-books. There is one on the life of Christ, and another on Old Testament Heroes. 


The Action Bible

(Ages 6-12)

A popular full-length Bible for kids told in comic-book form...engaging!

download (1).webp

Hands-on Bible

(Ages 3-8)

Need a Bible with some actions for kids? This one has experiences that help kids interact with the Bible narrative.

download (3).webp

Adventure Bible Handbook

(Ages 9-12)

For independent readers, this Bible handbook weaves archeological finds with cultural insights. 

download (4).webp

The Child's Story Bible

(Ages 7-12)

For kids who can listen to a longer story (20 minutes) without many illustrations, this is a collection of thoughtfully-told Bible Stories coupled with spiritual insights.


The Beginner's Bible

(Ages 2-4)

For the very young, this has delightful illustrations and quick stories, it is a good first Bible stories.

Great Reads

Reading together buildings a common culture within your house.  Read these aloud to your kids, and you all will enjoy them and get new insights into faith! 

The Chronicles of Narnia.jpg

Chronicles of Narnia

(Ages 5-100)

This 7-book series is a delightful read. Rich in allegory, they will delight your family and give you fresh insights into the Christian life. Want to try just one? #2, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, is a great entry point to the series (and the first one written).

Tales of the Kingdom.jpg

Tales of the Kingdom

(Ages 8-100)

Loved Narnia? You might enjoy this trilogy, as rich in allegory as Narnia, but set in a more modern time and place.  Lots of spiritual insights.

Secret Church.jpg

Religious Heritage Series

(Ages 8-14)

Learn Christian history together. Read about the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, the Anabaptists - there is a lot to our faith through the centuries! A good first read is The Beggar's Bible by Louise A. Verson. 

download (1).jpg

Christian Heroes,

Then & Now Series

(Ages 8-14)

Christian biographies of the last century or two. Eric Liddell, an Olympic athlete, gave up sports to preach the Gospel in Africa. Elizabeth Elliot raised her kids living among the same Amazon tribe that speared her husband to death to reach them with the Gospel. Learn Stories of people who gave up everything to follow Jesus wherever he would lead them. Great for young readers, or good read-alouds for families.



After dinner, before are some short devotionals to get you thinking and talking together. 

download (7).jpg

Jesus Calling for Kids

(Ages 5-12)

A brief devotional based on scripture written as though God is talking to you though His word. Beautiful, brings Scripture to life, and...for busy families...SHORT (2 min).

after God's own heart.jpg

After God's Own Heart

(Ages 9-12)

Buy and discuss with your kids or in a group. A book/workbook for your child to complete that challenges them to think about sibling and friend relationships as part of their Spiritual Walk. Very practical for kids. 

Radio Theater

If you have time in the car together, radio theater is a great way to experience good books together.  More engaging than a simple read-aloud, these have character voicings, sound effects, and they bring the story to life. 

Radio Theater.jpg
download (3).jpg
images (1).jpg
download (5).jpg

Adventures in Odyssey

(Ages 8-12)

One of the most popular kids series of all times. Great for car rides and healthy conversations with your kids, this blends Christian entertainment with ideas and lessons of spiritual development.

Sweet Reads

with the Young


God's Quiet Things

(Ages 2-4)

Shhh, can hear God in the quiet things.


The Errant Knight

(Ages 4-7)

How we live when God's call thwarts our plans...faithfully serving the king. Beautiful story. 


The Lightlings

(Ages 6-9)

Why do some people fear the light? The Story of redemption, beautifully told. 


It will be OK

(Ages 2-4)

Trusting God through Fear and Change.


God Gave Us Heaven

(Ages 3-5)

Dealing with loss and grief in light of heaven.



Veggie Tales

(Ages 2-7)

Delightful. Silly. Clean. Bible stories told in an engaging way - through singing vegetables - this series will have your kids laughing and singing spiritual truths and silly songs all the way from childhood to adulthood. 

download (5).jpg
download (2).jpg

Facing the Giants


War Room

Movies that entertain AND encourage in faith; the necessity of giving thanks in good & bad circumstances (Facing the Giants), believing in the value and worth of one (Overcomer) and the power of prayer (War Room). Click on the images for a link to the trailers.


The Chosen

This series brings the Bible to life. You can watch it on YouTube, or download an app and watch it there - it is a fabulous way to engage with the Gospel! 

download (3).jpg

The Gospel of Matthew

Watch word-for-word renderings of the Gospels all for free on Neflix. Beautifully done, these bring the culture and the characters to life. 



Apologetics is asking and answering (or pondering) what the Bible says of serious questions about  faith and life. Why is there suffering in the world? Why do good people die? Where is God in our dark moments?  What does the Bible have to say to these very real questions?

download (5).webp

Talking with your Kids About Jesus: 30 Conversations Every Parent Must Have

(Ages 6-12)

Your child will have many challenges to their faith. How do you talk effectively about them? This causes you to think about how prepare your kids to be challenged in their faith. 

download (2).webp

Heaven for Kids

(Ages 6-12)

Will we wear clothes in heaven? Will we have to go to school? Is heaven like a church service? Will we know everything when we die? Written in question and answer form, this is a great way to awaken a thirst in your kids for eternal life and eternity with God. 


Cold-Case Christianity for Kids

(Ages 11-14)

Explore the proofs for Christianity with a real homicide detective. 

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