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Maddie Unkie

Age 16



Maddie Unkie

Age 16


Did you know that your artistic gifts and creative ideas come from God? You can tell because He paints the sky differently twice every day, and he didn't just make "Bird" or "Plant," He made THOUSANDS of varieties of each.


Your unique art is one way you ARE LIKE YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER...creative, having a unique voice to praise and glorify Him.


Through your art, you can show others how GREAT our God is, and make Him known and famous.

To Post

1. Post your art on the
Shelton First Baptist Kid's Min Facebook Page. (You'll have to join) ​

2. Send me an email here telling me that it is there, plus the name of your work. Put in your age. If you want to say something about it, tell me that too!

Note to parents: No artist is too young to praise her or his Creator. Don't let your kids' age dampen their praise!

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