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A Community that Serves God.  

There are many ways to grow and live out faith. There is strength in the community, though. 

As people who have new life in Jesus, we can bring hope and life to Mason County. As a community, we can work to reverse the curse of sin, destruction, and death.  We are stronger together because we all stumble sometimes.  We need each other.


 Join a Bible Study to grow in your understanding. Connect with others through a ministry. Volunteer to serve this community. Grow your faith in service, community,  & service. 

Love INC Community Workshops (Outreach)

Love INC (In the Name of Christ) is a local ecumenical organization that helps to connect people with churches. They are currently offering free skill-based classes to our community on Monday nights as an outreach. Participate in these, invite friends, and get to know others. Bring people along. If you have skills to share, you might consider teaching a class. Past workshops have included: Self-Defense, Parenting, Car Maintainance, Painting, Cybersecurity, Spanish Conversation, Bookfolding, and Basketmaking.


Sparrow Care Outreach to Foster Families

Sparrow Care is a ministry that encourages local foster families. They batch-cook meals and deliver them once a month, and look for ways to connect and encourage struggling foster families. Past service projects have included reorganizing visiting rooms at DSHS.

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Mens Bible Study

Men's Bible Study meets every other Saturday morning at Shelton FBC. They are beginning a fresh study on Genesis, using the BEMA Project as a context for discussing the book through Jewish eyes. 7:30-9 a.m.

Women's Ministry

Women's ministry plans once-a-month events for women to connect and get to know each other. Past events have included a women's retreat. 

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